MeMpHiTz Files Federal Lawsuit Against VH1 & “Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta” Creators

VH1′s Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta season 1 is officially over after part 2 of the reunion aired monday night. The show was a major hit, becoming a platform for artist like K. Michelle’s voice to finally be heard.

While on the show she was not afraid to speak on her struggles in the music industry and the infamous battle between her and ex-boyfriend Memphitz.

K. Michelle was signed to Wright’s label, Hitz Committee Ent./Jive Records. She says, one night the two got into an argument that turned into a physical fight. The singer says she was smothered by Wright and that he dragged her across the room floor leaving her with carpet burns, scars and bruises on her body.

Memhitz has denied the allegations, claiming that K. Michelle’s story is 100% false. Wright released the following statement,

“My family and I have suffered tremendously while VH-1, Monami Ent., and the other companies provided a worldwide platform for K. Michelle to repeatedly assassinate my character. The filing of this suit is to compensate for the irreparable damage that has been done to my reputation and to deter these companies from doing such future harm to others.”

Who do you believe??

2 responses to “MeMpHiTz Files Federal Lawsuit Against VH1 & “Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta” Creators

  1. He is a liar .. Not once did she or vh1 mention his name so why u making it an issue unless your ass is guilty and is a woman beater. He can’t try toya like that because lil will put them goons on his ass plus he will lose his meal ticket. He is nothing but a woman beater and out for me from vh1 and toya . She needs to let his lieing ass go. I don’t know any man that will admit to a woman yeah I beat my ex girlfriend ass so let’s get married ..GTFOH .. With his bitchassness

  2. i dont believe a word he is saying a woman just don’t run around saying a man beat their ass for no reason usual its a reason. plus his name was never mention the only ppl who know who she’s talkin about is those on the show and those involved so why is he such a nervous thursday. He’s irrelevant anyway so he needs 2 be thankful that k michelle is makin him a factor at this point..#womanbeater

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