Rita Ora’s Malfunction at MTV VMAs Afterparty

The No U Aint Crew was on hand last night at The Palladium for the MTV Video Music Awards Afterparty, in conjunction with Lifebeat. And the headliner was Jay-Z’s latest starlett, Roc Nation artist, Rita Ora.

Jersey Shore’s DJ Pauly D was the first major attraction, as he ran through a pretty lackluster set, music-wise. We, the good folks at nouaintradio.com consider ourselves music enthusiasts, so to put in simple terms….he was all over the place with his music selections and transitions. But he made it work and definitely kept the crowd engaged with his interaction on the M-I-C. Lucky for him or else he would have gotten a big “No U Aint” from us.

Later in the evening Rita Ora took to the stage. But halfway through her first song, she pulled a “Rita Houdini” and suddenly vanished, leaving the confused crowd scratching their heads on her whereabouts. She eventually reappeared and apologized for the Patrick Swayze (Ghost), exclaiming “Sorry my boobs were about to pop out.”

With more people paying attention to their phones than her set, Rita saying “boobs” in a British accent was probably the best part of her performance. Nevertheless, she came back a little less revealed, but more energetic and enthusiastic as she went on to finish the show.

The night concluded with special guest DJ A-Trak, who finally got the crowd rocking at a high level of intensity with a blend of Electronica, Hip-Hop and Trap House. Besides the fabulous food spread, he was the best part of the night. Check out the video to see Rita Ora (post-malfunction) performing her first single, How We Do (Party).

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