Jermaine Dupri Saves Atlanta Mansion From Foreclosure

Jermaine Dupri has made last minute arrangements to save his Atlanta mansion from going up for auction after it fell into foreclosure.

Dupri’s home was scheduled to be sold last week, but according to local new station WSBTV, the 15,000 square foot estate, located on Mount Paran Rd. in the northwest part of the city, was spared at the very last minute.The So So Def labelhead owes Suntrust Bank $2.5 million, the amount of the original loan on the house. He also owes $493,768.75 since 2007, and $14,024.67 in unpaid property taxes. The firm, which is handling the foreclosure, would not reveal if Dupri paid off his entire debt, but a former vendor, Design Logistics, is claiming that he owes them money for renovation and other services performed on the mansion.

“We would bring everything in, assemble, set up. Hang all the art,” said Shane Cox, an employee with the design company. “The art hanging in the house. Things along those lines. I feel he’s a pretty nice guy. I hope he will come forward and take care of the debt we have.”

Unfortunately, when it comes to his residents, the ‘Money Ain’t a Thang’ rapper’s money problems are far from over. He is also facing a lawsuit from a contractor, who has filed a lien against the 40-year-old for non-payment.

Dupri has yet to release a comment on the matter.

We guess money is a thing!

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