Bank Robbery Suspects Lead Police On Wild Chase Through L.A. While Throwing Money Out Of Window

Los Angeles police had their hands full yesterday trying to catch bank robbers who led them on a high speed chase through L.A., all while throwing money out of the window.

“This isn’t something we see every day,” Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department spokesman Capt. Mike Parker said, according to NBC . “This definitely had some unique aspects to it.”

What may have seemed like a good idea to the suspected banks robbers only slowed them down as onlookers waved to them, signaling for them to throw more money. At times they had to weave through dozens of people in the streets.

“If they thought that by throwing money out the window, that that would distract us or have people get in the way and block us — they’re going to run out of money,” Parker said “We’re not going to run out of sheriff’s deputies. We’re not going to run of helicopters. We’re going to stick with them.”

“I can’t imagine they did this for the good of the community,” Parker later added.

The chase started after four or five suspects robbed a Bank of America in Santa Clarita, California. The chase lasted 80 minutes before ending in South L.A.

Two suspects were taken into custody at the scene. Two others are being searched for in Sylmar, where one person has been detained but authorities were not sure if he is a suspect.

Witnesses were grateful the robbers had thrown the cash in their neighborhood.

“I’m just so glad this person came to throw this money in the ‘hood, basically. You usually see robbers and they take their stuff and they leave. But this guy came over and tried to help us out. You know, it’s a big depression nowadays,” said a female witness, who identified herself as a 23-year-old resident of the area. “He’s doing something I never though a robber would ever do.”

“Kind of like a Robin Hood situation, rob from the rich, give to the poor. Everybody’s out to kind of get some of the money,” another resident told NBC4

They should have never givin’ ya’ll negroes no money!!

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