Bow Wow Dishes On His Gig As One of the Hosts of BET’s 106 & Park

And the new hosts of BET’s 106 and Park are…

Monday, after seven years of tuning in to watch Rocsi and Terrence J on BET’s flagship music show, ‘106 and Park’, fans tuned in for the shocking announcement that there are now not two, but FOUR new hosts that would be taking their place.  The new talent include Detroit Hot 107.5 radio DJ’s Shorty Da Prince and Paigon, singer Miss Mykie and Bow Wow.

The addition of Bow Wow received some mixed reactions, especially from fans who wondered if it was a good career move, however he addressed why he believed it was major in a sit down interview after the show.  While speaking on the new gig, he said:

It feels good, it feels refreshing, it feels right. I feel that no other artist could have done anything like this. If another artist were to do something like this, they would think that they fell off or got played and I agree. I think the only reason why I am able to get away with this job, and to add something so major like this to my credentials, is the fact that everyone knows the history of Bow Wow. Not only with BET but 106 and Park. I was like the first artist to really jump it off and create this audience and I’ve been connected with them for 13-14 years. Me being named ‘Mr. 106 and Park’ and not only that, but having the most videos ever retired on BET.  So to have all that, it’s like ‘why not’? It makes sense.  I think for an artist, if you don’t have those connections and never had that type of history and the people didn’t know it, I think they would see it a little different.

I’m in a new city. I’m in New York.  I get to live here. Move around and work with a lot of artists that I’ve been dying to work with. Now they can’t dodge me because they gotta come through my spot.

He continued:

Even if you take the origin of 106 and what it means. Even with Free and AJ, they set the bar so high. BET went through a  transitional stage once they left, then they got Terrence and Rocsi.  After you get four hosts like that that America has loved over the past four years, and that’s all they’ve been seeing, it’s like, ‘Where do you go from there’. [Because people don’t like change].  So it’s like, if you change it then make it big. Man, this is big. I’m not saying it because it’s me. It’s big because they’ve never had an artist do something like this before.

Bow Wow says he plans to continue working on music and doing movies, but right now he is focused on the new job.

Yesterday, the hosts received a lot of love from BET 106 and Park fans while welcoming guest Keke Palmer. Peep the photos below:


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  2. paigon can u let me up out of the street I got weed in my pocket

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