New Music: Brandy – “No Such Thing As Too Late”

Listen to my heart and I’ll listen to yours. If they say the same thing, I’ll know we are ready.’

If you have been waiting to hear Brandy blow a slow jam out of the water, like she did back in her ‘Never Say Never’ days, then you’ll love the latest song, ‘No Such Thing As Too Late’.  The Rico love produced record has a really great message about waiting to have sex with someone until you know that they are worth it.  On the track, Brandy’s voice is sounds pretty silky as she sings:

Cause I ain’t into laying with just anybody
Baby I ain’t trying to kill my body so soon
Let me know you’re worth it
Do you deserve a chance to touch, to feel my love
Cause ain’t nobody perfect, underneath the surface
Can you show me your love

And when it’s time, I won’t have to tell you so
You’ll see the stars are shining the same
So take your time, this love ain’t got nowhere to go
It’ll all be way better if we wait

There’s no such thing as too late
When you really love somebody, you can wait

Pop the hood to listen:

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