Bow Wow Ordered To Pay Child Support, Claims He Makes $4k a Month

Is Bow Wow just as broke as we are?

Either Bow Wow has been short on cash over the past few years or he pulled a fast one on his baby mama Joie Chavis and the child support judge.

On Monday, coincidentally the same day he was named as the new host of BET’s ‘106 and Park’, Bow Wow and Joie were duking it out in court over how much he should pay in child support for their 1 year old daughter Shai.

According to reports, Bow Wow told the judge that he only makes $4,000 a month as an employee at Cash Money Records and has $1,500 in the bank but volunteered to dish out a generous amount of $3000 a month for child support.  If you calculate how much his living expenses probably cost, plus food, gas and necessities, it would be hard for him to shell out $3k if he only makes $4000.

Bow Wow also refused to disclose that he had a new television gig while they were in court but he may definitely have to answer for it when he goes back to court in December.  For the time being, the $3000 a month was temporarily put in place for child support, plus $11,500 in back child support.

Back in August, the sister of Bow Wow’s child’s mother tried to put him on blast via twitter when she posted a series of tweets revealing that he had only seen his child a few times but posts pics of her on twitter in an attempt to look like a good dad.

And as far as 106 and Park, it looks as though that gig came right on time. Sheesh!

What happened to the extensive car collection that was shown on MTV Cribs, royalties from movies, etc.

We hope he didn’t blow all of that!  If so, it’s a cold cold world.


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