Katt Williams Pulls Gun on Faizon Love

Katt Williams pulled a gun on Faizon Love earlier last week over some 6 month old beef.  Love said he feared getting shot because of Williams’ obsession with drugs and firearms. “When someone pulls a gun and they on that narcotics…you don’t know what’s gonna happen,” explained Love in an interview with TMZ.com.  Apparently, the gun was not loaded and no one was hurt.

Williams was arrested that night, but later released from custody and no charges have been filed. Love won’t confirm what the beef was all about, but he insists it wasn’t about money.  Other sources are saying it IS over money…$50K that Williams supposedly owes Love.

This isn’t Katt’s first time in the media about a gun.  He was arrested back in 2006 for a gun charge at LAX.  Irrational behavior and guns sure don’t make a good mix. We hope they can settle whatever this beef is…. peacefully.

Pop the Hood on the video to see what Faizon Love told our friends over at TMZ about the situation…..

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