Lil Wayne Suffers Double Seizure

Last week, Lil Wayne suffered two seizures within days of each other.
reported that Wayne suffered a seizure mid-flight and his private plane was
forced to make an emergency landing in Texas. Then the next day, his plane had
to make another emergency landing over Louisiana when Weezy suffered another seizure.

Wayne tweeted, “Thanx for all the prayers! I am good,” despite having two
seizures which both left him hospitalized until just this past Friday. Weezy
cancelled his flight out of Louisiana after doctors advised him not to fly. He’s
currently staying at his mom’s house where, according to sources, he’s in good

The seizures have apparently forced Wayne to miss a court date in Los Angeles
this past Friday in a case that Wayne is suing Quincy Jones III over a
documentary he made about Wayne. Wayne’s lawyers will update the judge on the status on Monday but it’s not looking as though Wayne will be able to testify
anytime soon and could possibly put his trial in jeopardy.

We hope Weezy continues on the road to recovery.

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