Blake Griffin Says Terrell Owens Begged Clippers Coaches For A 10-Day Contract

The former NFL wide receiver was cut by the Seattle Seahawks before the start of the season and has been unable to land on a team since.


Now, Blake Griffin of the L.A. Clippers says T.O. was begging for an NBA gig over the summer.

Griffin dropped dime on Owens’ plan B of stressing the Clippers coaches for a shot at playing in the Assocation. “Terrell Owens is always — he was at our practice facility this summer, begging coaches for a 10-day contract,” said Griffin said on the Dan Patrick Show, NBC sports reports.

To his credit, Owens did play basketball at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and knows his way around the court. However, he is 39, had a torn ACL and took an L in a one on one game versus streetballer, who also happened to be a little person, which was caught on video. That’s without mentioning the personal and financial troubles he has been in the news for, including getting cut from an Indoor Football League team and revealing in child support documents that he earned only $28 an hour while trying to make the Seahawks.

The way The Lakers are playing there may be a spot for him on the bench at The Staple Center…Just sayin’!

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