Evelyn Lozada & Chad Johnson In Court…TOGETHER…To Drop Restraining Order

Chad Johnson and Evelyn Lozada were together again for the first time publicly since they’re divorce…in court today.  The two–who have been exchanging romantic words via Twitter–made for a united front as they moved to have the restraining order dropped. 


For the first time since their August divorce, Chad & Evelyn were in the same room together (publicly) as they got the restraining order dropped after their domestic violence incident.

The ex-couple made their way to a Florida courthouse to face a judge after Evelyn copped a restraining order following an alleged head-butting incident…over a receipt for condoms.

 Ev answered “No” to the judge when asked if she felt like her life or safety was still being threatened by Chad.  And if she felt unsafe.

The judge granted her wish and dropped the restraining order at Evelyn’s request.  And she reportedly has told friends she wants to start speaking to him again.

Stevie Wonder saw this coming. We wish them luck! If Ri Ri can forgive Chris Brown then anything is possible.




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