Female Hip Hop takes over LA

On Dec 22nd legendary female rapper MC Lyte hosted an all star female MC concert to conclude the Hip Hop Sisters weekend in Los Angeles.


Hip Hop Sisters Network is a non-profit foundation that promotes positive images of women of ethnic diversity, uniting leaders from the world of Hip Hop, the entertainment industry, and the corporate world. HHS held a 3day event in Los Angeles which launched with auditions to find the “Next” female Mc, and continued with an ALL Star  female panel which allowed up and coming female Mc’s the forum to learn about the music industry from female rap icons such as MC Lyte, Monie Love, Yo Yo, Mc Smooth, The Lady of Rage,and Lil’ Mama. The weekend capped off with performances by the “Next” female MC’s, along with the Legendary artists themselves. MC Lyte and friends ripped the Rooftop 3100 stage with such ease and poise new artist dream of having.

The Lady of Rage, MC Smooth, Monie Love, Lil’ Mama, and Yo Yo took the packed night club crowd through a journey of all their hits and then ending the set with the fitting Hip Hop classic Self Destruction. No U Aint radio was in the crowd to catch this historic event!

 Pop the hood on what you missed!

27223685_FSmcx8-4Lil Mama

27223685_FSmcx8-2Monie Love

27223685_FSmcx8-3Yo Yo

27223685_FSmcx8-1The Lady of Rage

27223685_FSmcx8-5MC Lyte,Lil Mama, MC Smooth, and The Lady of Rage
Big up’s to MC Lyte and Hip Hop Sisters for bringing this event to the forefront and giving up and coming female MC’s a platform to be heard!

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