Rumor Control: Frank Ocean Was NOT Pulled Over For “Suspicious Behavior”


frank-ocean_thelavalizardReports detailing the recent arrest of singer Frank Ocean have turned out to be inaccurate.  (Oops!  Sorry Franky!)

While Frank Ocean was detained by police early this morning, in Mammoth Lake, California, it was due to a routine traffic stop according to a statement obtained by CBS Local.

According to the actual police report, the singer’s sexuality had nothing to do with his arrest.

Frank Ocean was pulled over and detained for driving with a suspended license, marijuana possession and a tinted window violation.

The rapper was driving a black BMW on US-395, exceeding the 65 mile-per-hour speed limit, when his vehicle was pulled over.

Most of the reports circulating online played on Frank Ocean’s homosexuality, and claimed he had been arrested for “suspicious behavior,” with a male lover in his car.

Apparently, a post to the singer’s Instagram page from the backseat of the police car sparked the innuendos and rumors.

Spotted @ AllHipHop

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