Blue Ivy Carter Celebrates Her 1st Birthday With Her Parents In The Bahamas (Photos)


Baby Blue Ivy Carter is living the life and we have to admit that we’re a bit jealous.  She probably has more stamps on her passport than some people acquire in their lifetime.

The first child born to Jay-z and Beyonce just turned one and she spent her birthday chilling in the finest Villas the Bahamas had to offer while vacationing with her famous parents this week.   Earlier today, Jay shared a very dark photo of his baby girl with the caption, “Last day of vacation, playing UNO.”  How cute, her little silhouette looks!


In all honesty, we haven’t seen a celebrity child hidden this much since Michael Jackson’s son Blanket was born and at times. We will say,  it is commendable that they aren’t exploiting their child in exchange for big bucks. In this day and age, having a baby has become a business strategy and big money making opportunity for some celebs.

Kudos to Jay, Bey and Blue Ivy

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