Did Beyonce Lip-Synch the National Anthem at The Inauguration

Beyonce shined on Monday when she sang the National Anthem at President Barack Obama‘s inauguration, but apparently it was not a live performance and she was lip-synching.


Reports Radar Online:

According to The Times UK, a spokesperson for the Marine Corp Band confirmed Beyonce’s decision to use the pre-recorded track.

“We did pre-record it and it was Beyonce’s decision at the last minute to go with the pre-recorded version,” the spokesperson said.

“We pre-recorded all music as a matter of course and have done since time immemorial. This is our 54th inauguration… There is no question of there not being any music — it’s not because the performer cannot do it.”

In conclusion….who gives a sh*t if she was really singing or not?  She looked like she was. #NOUAINT trying to take our girl down!

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