Vanilla Ice Says Suge Knight Never Hung Him From A Balcony By His Ankles (Video)

Vanilla Ice put one of Hip-Hop’s biggest urban legends to rest on Shade 45′s Sway In The Morning radio show.




As legend has it, Death Row Records CEO Suge Knight once hung Ice by his ankles over a balcony of the 20th story of a building in order to have the rapper sign over his publishing rights to his mega-hit single, “Ice, Ice, Baby.”

While this rumor was always assumed to be just that, Rob Van Winkle put the story to bed once and for all in this interview with Sway. ‘No, you know what it is? When these things become so [much a part] of pop culture, it takes on a life of its own. He never hung me over no balcony man,” Ice told the Shade 45 host.

“He came to me, they take a little bit of truth ad they stretch it, but [in] all honesty you know that money that Suge did get from me, he was nice about it,” admits the former rapper. “He was nice to me when he met me and everything, I got it. I know who you are, you don’t have to beat me up. I know everything about you. I get it, you got my attention. But the truth is he was nice. But the story seemed a little bit better and more interesting when you got Vanilla Ice hanging upside down and got his change coming out of his pocket, you know? Come on.”

Ice also admits that even though Suge did get that money, the sound investments he made prevented him from becoming like MC Hammer, after adding a few “no shots” after the comments.

Pop the hood on the interview

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