TBS To Document Goodie Mob Reunion In New Reality Show

According to the Hollywood Reporter and FUSE, Cee-Lo Green of Goodie Mob and former star of The Voice, landed his very own six episode reality show “The Cee-Lo Life,” which is set to document Goodie Mob’s reunion.

cee-loReports indicate that the series will follow Cee-Lo and the rest of the Goodie Mob (Big Gipp, T-Mo and Khujo) as they work on their reunion album, “Age Against The Machine.”

Michael Wright, head of programming at TBS, said “This new TBS series will give viewers the chance to get to know Cee-Lo Green, who is without a doubt one of the hardest working men in show business. ‘The Cee-Lo Life’ is certain to be a smart, fun and funny journey packed with a lot of great music.”


Goodie Mob formed in 1991 and their debut album “Soul Food” was released in 1995. Three albums later, Cee Lo left the group in 2004 to pursue a solo career. Goodie Mob released “One Monkey Don’t Stop No Show” that same year (minus Cee Lo) and had poor reception from the fans with Cee Lo absent and led to Big Gipp leaving the group. The last album in 2005 “Livin Life as Lumberjacks” was released by T-Mo and Khujo under the name The Lumberjacks, which was the original name of the group before the addition of Cee Lo and Big Gipp. Then after years apart, a reunion album “We Sell Drugs Too” was planned for a 2011 release but never happened.

“Age Against The Machine” is the new title of the reunion album and is scheduled to be released on June 18th.

Pop the Hood on an oldie but “Goodie”…

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