Miguel Says Black People Are The Most Judgemental People In The World


There’s always a bunch of controversy when a celebrity speaks his or her mind, and R&B singer Miguel is the latest celeb to voice his opinion.  However, his thoughts, which have attracted the attention of mainstream media,  have turned quite a few people off. 

While still enjoying his surge in popularity since impressing Kelly Clarkson at the Grammy Awards in February and crashing his body onto a woman at the Billboard Music Awards earlier this month, the R&B singer, 27, took to his Twitter page on Monday, boldly announcing that black people are “the most judgmental people in the world”.


Ummmm, Miguel, we understand that you’re on the verge of “crossing over” with your music, and you might not need “Black People” too much longer,  but do you realize that your hardcore fans – the R&B fanbase that has supported your career for the past several years –  is predominantly Black? 

We didn’t judge you when you were wearing those tight ass pants at the American Music Awards.  Nor did we judge you when you were first starting off and your dance movements looked like they were choreographed by Carlton Banks.  When you karate chopped that girls neck a few weeks ago, we blamed it on her for being in your way.  We even stuck by your side and embraced your pompadour hair style.  So when you’re performing at the BET Awards next month, please don’t forget where you came from.  You saw what happened to Orenthal James Simpson once he turned his back on us.

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