WTF? Man Delays Suicide Until Kanye West’s Album Drops!


Mark this down as one of the most bizarre stories of the year: A troubled 27 year old man from Georgia was reportedly set to take his own life earlier this month until he had a sudden change of heart. According to local reports, the man identified as Bradley Evans of Augusta Georgia; a self described die-hard Kanye fan was contemplating committing suicide until hearing that Kanye will be releasing a brand new album on June 18th of this year. The man, who obviously suffers from some sort of mental issues told close friends he found a “new sense of life” and is excited for the new project to drop.

The man will appear on Fox54 in Augusta later this evening to discuss his rather unusual set of circumstances.

Kanye’s highly anticipated album, fittingly titled “Yeezus”, will be out June 18th, no word if the man will follow through on his suicide after the album drops.

Spotted at HipHop365

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