50 Cent Rates Jay-Z’s ‘Magna Carta’ LP, Reacts To Hov Changing RIAA’s Certification

50 Cent is the latest hip-hop artist to give his two cents on rap mogul Jay-Z’s new Magna Carta Holy Grail solo album and applauded Jigga’s decision to push boundaries.


Check out what Sohh is reporting:

In Fif’s perspective, Jay had no choice but to take his music up a notch and not resort to his old style of tunes.

“You can’t be afraid of change. I think the old way of doing things is not gonna work, but then you gotta create a plan for a new way. How are you gonna do it?” The RIAA changed their rules and says they will immediately count those sales toward the album’s platinum certification, while it will appear that Billboard will not count those “bulk” Samsung sales toward their albums chart — meaning that if Jay is to eventually earn a #1 spot for MCHG he can’t do it off the back of those first 1 million sales. Fif, who has built a reputation as a shrewd business man and successful mogul himself, doesn’t side with Jay or Billboard, but suggests that the main thing that matters is the financial gain behind the deal. “I don’t think you can take anything away from it — that idea,” he said. “If you can take something away from it, the money was still made.” (MTV)

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