Raz B Hospitalized After Bottle Attack

Singer Raz B can’t catch a break. The former B2K singer was recently hit in the face with a glass bottle while performing in China.


According to the singer, he was performing at a club in Zhejiang and he noticed a fight break out in the crowd. Raz went over to break up the commotion and was rewarded with a bottle to the face. The bottle bashing resulted in Raz B having multiple cuts and gashes on his face and and around his mouth.

raz-b-bottle-bash1When police arrived, they removed Raz B and the man who hit him with the bottle from the club. Both were taken to jail, but Raz B was quickly released once it was discovered he was the innocent party in he matter. After leaving jail, Raz went to the hospital where he underwent a surgical procedure to repair the “hole” in his lip. Raz received four stitches as a result of the surgical procedure.

Raz B says he doesn’t plan on pressing any charges, but he does plan on moving back to the United States and working on a “big comeback.”

Where is Omarion when you need him??

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