Battle of the Tours: Jay-Z vs. Kanye West

It’s the fall of dueling hip-hop tours. Super promoter AEG Live had just announced Kanye West’s “Yeezus” Tour with Kendrick Lamar, when competitor Live Nation jumped in to proclaim his big brother Jay Z’s “Magna Carter World Tour.” Did Jay Z steal Kanye’s thunder or is this a grand plan by The Throne for world domination? Fans took to Twitter to share their excitement.

Some felt that Jay’s tour overshadowed Kanye’s announcement. “Jay Z really be stealing Kanye thunder bruh” said JScroggins.

“Kanye West and Jay Z always in competition” added Sebastard, while Omni threw in “So Kanye West announces his Yeezus tour and less than a few hours later Jay-Z announces his Magna Carta tour… Coincidence? I think not.” Whether intentional or not, even Tyler, The Creator threw in his two cents:

ā€” Tyler, The Creator (@fucktyler) September 6, 2013

Others found overlapping tours as just another promotional vehicle for the old friends, especially as they possibly prepare to release Watch the Throne 2. “Kanye & Jay Z are smart as usual, both their solo promotional campaigns intertwined, in preparation for WTT 2” SkinDeepSA predicted. True.

With both members of The Throne out on the road, it would provide ample opportunities for new material from Watch The Throne 2 to be previewed to tease the album. Either way, most agreed that tours featuring rap’s biggest names would be good for hip-hop…if not for wallets.

Jayz & kanye want me to go broke; MCHG tickets go on sale next Thursday & then Yeezus on Friday
ā€” Sunshine Smith (@SunshineSmith) September 6, 2013

“Fuh I’m beyond excited Yeezus Kendrick and JayZ within a 2 month span” said T Rexxx.

Both tours go on presale today with Jay Z going on public on sale Thursday and Kanye West on Friday. The question is, if you can only afford one, which would you choose?

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