The Roots Leaving Jimmy Fallon?

Are The Roots worried about their spot with Jimmy Fallon when he makes the jump to The Tonight Show next year?


According to Rhymes With Snitch:

Industry insiders have been buzzing about Jimmy Fallon’s move to the Tonight Show next year and how there’s been no mention of his current house band The Roots coming with.

FuseTV caught up with Roots drummer ?uestlove who sounded a little concerned.

?uest tells Fuse,
“The Tonight Show is coming to us. We’re not going to the Tonight show. The Tonight show is coming to New York. It’s coming to us. So basically it’s going to be the same show.”

“But that’s a year from now. Anything can happen. Right now we’re just very concerned and just concentrating on still doing our thing at Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.”


Jimmy better not act brand new!


Pop the hood on ?uestlove’s feelings

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