Macklemore and Ryan Lewis Splitting Up?

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Presented By T-MobileThere was lots of chatter surrounding the 54th Annual Grammy Awards last night. From Beyonce’s sexy performance with her hubby, to Pharrell’s Smokey The Bear Hat, to Kendrick Lamar getting snubbed in the “Best Hip-Hop Album” category.

The latest news on our radar is that Grammy Award Winning “Hip-Hop” duo Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are SPLITTING UP! One of our insiders (who was present at the award ceremony Sunday night and very close to Macklemore and Ryan Lewis) confirmed that the rap duo are going separate ways.  We’re not exactly sure why yet, but that explains why Ryan Lewis went to his seat and Macklemore went backstage after they won the “Best New Artist” award. Once this news hits mainstream media, remember where you heard it first!

Hey….maybe Kendrick Lamar can take Ryan Lewis’ place so he can finally get the Grammy Award he deserves.  Just sayin….

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