iKandy by Iconik Images presents The AM Caffeine Flavor Of The Month – Tabby Brown


Back by popular demand, amcaffeine.com, in conjunction with iKandy by Iconik Images, bring you a re-tooled model feature section that we now call “The AM Caffeine Flavor Of The Month.”

We stir things up in April with some Mocha as we introduce Tabby Brown, aka the “British Invasion.” Tabby is an international model, actor, dancer, presenter and official Playboy Bunny from London. She has been featured on many magazine covers, big advertisement campaigns and is one of the first UK models to be chosen as lead in a US music artist hit video. Several other appearances include the Urban Music Awards, The International Football Awards and The Bachelor UK.

So here’s a taste of Tabby Brown:

Model: Tabby Brown
Website: http://www.tabbybrown.com
Twitter: @TabbyBrown
Instagram: @TabbyBrown

Photographer: Iconik Images
Twitter: @iKandyByIconik
Instagram: iKandyByIconik

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