Angie Martinez Discusses Move To Power 105.1, Friendship With Jay Z And More On Elliott Wilson’s ‘The Truth’

The Voice of New York tells all in the latest installment of Elliott Wilson’s “The Truth.” Radio veteran Angie Martinez discussed leaving Hot 97 after a twenty-year tenure to start her new gig at rival station Power 105.1, how her tight-knit friendship with Jay Z began, and her come-up in the radio industry.

“I went from doing overnights, I was on from midnight to six in the morning, and then they moved me. That was a big moment for me,” Angie said. “I had been running Flex’s boards, I was doing overnights, I was going to community college during the day. Then after that I was going to the station. I was literally working 20 hours a day, sleeping four for a long time. Then they gave me the break.”

Watch the video above.

Spotted @ VIBE

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