Spotted: Baby North West Takes First Steps With Mom Kim Kardashian

baby-north-west-walking-with-mom-kimKim Kardashian and Kanye West’s daughter Nori was spotted taking some of her first steps in San Diego. 

The baby girl walked alongside her denim-clad mother as her grandma, Kris Jenner, followed close behind.

The photo shows the mother-daughter pair walking hand-in-hand down the streets of La Jolla. While Kim, 33, is wearing an atrocious ensemble comprised of a denim pencil skirt and a chambray shirt. Baby North, however, wore a white tank top tucked into tiny ripped jeans that suited the 14-month-old baby well.

Though these are the first images of Baby North walking, they are not her first steps. Kardashian told E! News that the toddler has been walking for some time.

“If we’re outside on the grass, it’s like a full marathon. She’ll run — she’ll do whatever. Inside, she’s just a little more cautious. She wants you to hold her hand, or she has this little shopping cart that she likes to walk around,” Kim told E! News.

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