Snoop Dogg To Iggy Azalea “I Made A Joke, B**ch Fix Your Face”

Snoop Dogg and Iggy Azalea have been going back and forth over an unflattering meme that he posted of the “Fancy” rapper with the caption, “Iggy Azalea No Makeup.” The Instagram post offended Iggy, who confronted Snoop on Twitter to ask why he would post such a “mean pic.”


The legendary West Coast rapper took everything in stride, and let the world know what he thought of Iggy’s response on Twitter, “Please, I don’t ask people for pics, it’s the other way around. I took a pic with [back] up dancers n chilled wit them. Don’t get mad, it’s a joke. B*tch fix ya face.”

He also reposted a story about Iggy being “fuming mad” over the situation.

So Iggy didn’t star in White Chicks??

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