Bill Cosby — Accuser Wrangling Women For Class Action Lawsuit (Details)

One of Bill Cosby’s alleged victims not only plans to sue him … she’s trying to get all of his accusers in a single lawsuit to convince a jury … all these woman just can’t be lying.


According to TMZ:

Louisa Moritz — who claims Cosby stuck his penis in her mouth in her dressing room before a “Tonight Show” appearance in 1971 — is interviewing L.A. area lawyers to file a class action lawsuit … and she wants minimum 9 other women to join her.

Moritz tells us she’s already reaching out to the other alleged victims.

Moritz has 2 big problems … the statute of limitations and the fact that she never told anyone about the incident until speaking to TMZ late last week.

As for the statute … Moritz thinks even if the case gets thrown out, the fact that multiple women present a united front is meaningful. And as for her belated revelation … she says she blocked it and it only became vivid again after various woman began stepping forward over the last 2 weeks.

She’s already gotten legal advice that this could be like Wade Robson’s suit against Michael Jackson after he died … if a victim remembers the incident later in life due to repressed memories — they can ATTEMPT to sue as long as it’s within a year of remembering.

The case of the Unwanted Pudding Pop continues

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