Charlamagne Yells At Angela Yee And Kicks Her Out Car For Making Fun Of His Skin

In a video posted to, two hosts of Power 105.1’s “The Breakfast Club” morning radio show have a pretty heated exchange as Charlamagne Tha God and Angela Yee get into a verbal fight.


Update: Charlamagne confirms via Twitter that the video was indeed a joke.

“@AYO_IPLAYMYPART I wasn’t drunk. We play like that all the time. You do realize I was the one recording it with my phone?”
4:32pm – 15 Dec 14

The two look to be leaving an event and the man behind the camera appears to be Charlamagne. He repeated tells Yee to “get the f**k in the truck yo” that is when Yee tells him to “shut the f**k up you little b****.” She then tells him that she bets he will bleach his skin later. As the first part of the video cuts, the second half begins with Charlamagne sounding a bit more harsh as he now orders her to get out of the truck.

As Yee exits the truck, she unleashes a verbal assault of her own on him calling him a “bleaching ass hoe.” The situation doesn’t seem real as no attempt to have the two separated by security or anyone for that matter was made. The argument looked strictly verbal, however, something about it did not seem real. If it does in fact turn out to be real, what will the fate of “The Breakfast Club” morning show be?

Both personalities’ Twitter pages appear to be normal so the fans might have to wait and see what happens on “The Breakfast Club.”

Pop the hood on the video

Tell us do you think it’s real or faker than a Wendy Williams weave?

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