O.J. Simpson released from Nevada prison after nine years for robbery

Daily News- O.J. Simpson is out of prison — and an attorney for the family of Ronald Goldman is now looking to collect.


California lawyer David Cook told CNN that he’s ready to resume the Goldmans’ efforts to collect their cut of a wrongful death civil judgment against Simpson now worth just under $70 million.

“The good news for me is he’s getting out. The bad news for him is I’m in good health. I’m good to go,” Cook said.

He added he was ready for “round two” with Simpson, 70, following the fallen NFL great’s release from Lovelock Correctional Center in Nevada around midnight local time.

Lovelock staff told Simpson the same thing they say during every farewell to a prisoner, “Don’t come back.”

“I don’t intend to,” he replied, according to DOC spokeswoman Brooke Keast.

Simpson was acquitted in 1995 of murder charges in the slayings of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and Goldman, who was her friend.

He was found civilly liable for the slayings in 1997 and ordered to pay the victims’ families $33.5 million — a sum that has more than doubled with interest.

Simpson served nine years behind bars — most of them at Lovelock in the northern Nevada — after robbing two memorabilia dealers at a Las Vegas casino hotel in 2007.

The disgraced running back signed his release papers and walked out to a waiting driver in a dark parking lot of the facility still wearing standard prison garb: blue jeans, a denim jacket and white tennis shoes.

Keast is heard saying, “Here you go, come out,” to Simpson in a brief clip on the Department of Correction’s Facebook page.

You got the juice now OJ!.Keep your butt out of trouble!


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