The A.M, Caffeine Morning Show is looking to expand our coverage in various areas of interest.  And guess what?  YOU might be able to help us do that!

In the coming of months, A.M. Caffeine will undergo a few changes, and right now we are looking for several interns to help contribute posts on a consistent basis.

The ideal A.M. Caffeine Morning Show writer should be articulate, somewhat witty, and have a firm grasp of our voice and audience, as well as some form of blogging experience.

Most importantly, he or she should also demonstrate a firm grasp of grammar and the ability to entertain readers.

And obviously, the ideal writer for A.M. Caffeine should have a keen interest in celebrity gossip, as well as pop culture/music (R&B/Hip-Hop/Pop).  The ability to pay attention to detail and maintain accuracy.

This is a non-paid position, but it is a great experience and an excellent resume builder.  This will allow you to be a part of something great!  If you have a few hours to kill everyday and are looking for an exciting, new opportunity, then this is the perfect job for you!

If you are interested in writing for us, please email

2 responses to “Bloggers

  1. Ky is Hot & the personality makes her even more hot!

  2. Thank you and Congratulations “No U Aint Radio” for keeping current events in our faces. Thank you Sinead O’Connor for so eloquently expressing feelings about the inhumane killing of Travon Marin, and the failure of bringing justice to Mr. Zimmerman. Also Sinead expressed what others have felt and thought for years. We are ONE people on this planet, steming from ONE source – Mother Africa. The sooner we embrace this reality, the less troubled our world will become. The internet and social networking is breaking down ethnic, cultural and language barriers quicker than I can type these words. Babble is disappearing before our eyes, yet, there are still those who want to hold on to the status quo, to make themselves feel secure. They are fearful of the changes taking place in our world.

    In my youth, during the United States Civil Rights Movement, I wrote a poem . As we enter Phase II of the Civil Rights Movement, I feel that this poem is still appropriate.

    A Black Martyr
    By Carole Wilson Roberts – 1966

    I am a Black Martyr ,
    Non-Militant, Passive, Yet residing in a state of turmoil,
    Like my white brothers, composed from the soil,

    Since baked too long, and a shade of brown,
    My white blood brothers, Don’t want me around,

    Nigger, you’re Black – Get Back!
    Keep off of my land, You stupid man,
    Stay out of my schools, You ignorant fool,
    Can’t You see, You’re of a lesser degree, than me?

    Confused, terribly restless and tired of being suppressed,
    This unfair treatment, I protest!
    This is why I staunchly march,
    Step by step
    To let the others see,
    That given an equal opportunity
    I AM of the same degree

    Die if I must, From dawn to dusk, I’ll march
    For now, I have no fear
    I am a Black MARTYR

    (To those of us still protesting and marching in 2012, keep on keepin on!
    Together we’ll see a change – one day!)

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