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Jesse Williams: Watch and Read The Actor’s BET Acceptance Speech In Full

Jesse Williams 2016 BET AWARDS

If you didn’t know who Jesse Williams was prior to this past weekend, you know him now.  The blue eyed Grey’s Anatomy star received a standing ovation for his empowering speech on racism in America at the 2016 BET Awards.

The crowd inside Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles rose to their feet, visibly emotional as the actor delivered a powerful acceptance speech Sunday night.

After Williams accepted the Humanitarian award for his civil rights activism, he addressed the audience.

Watch and read the full speech below:

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In interview, Darren Wilson says there was ‘no way’ Michael Brown had his hands up during shooting

The Ferguson, Mo. police officer who shot and killed an unarmed black teenager in August said in an interview aired on Tuesday that there was “no way” Michael Brown had his hands up right before he was killed — disputing one of the core controversies at the heart of a case that touched off nationwide protests and racial unrest. (Click photo for interview)


In his first public statements since a grand jury declined to indict him on charges of murder and manslaughter, Darren Wilson told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos that Brown, 18, started an altercation between the two on Aug. 9 when he reached into the officer’s squad car and began assaulting him, punching him twice in the face and reaching for his sidearm.

Wilson, who reportedly is 6-foot-4 and weighs around 210 pounds, said he reached for his gun only when he began to fear for his life, and he struggled with the 6-foot-3, nearly 300-pound Brown over control of the weapon. Shots were fired inside the car, causing Brown to flee, and Wilson then chased after him on foot, telling Stephanopoulos he had “to see where this guy goes.”

According to Wilson, Brown then stopped, turned and began charging at him, at which point the officer fired several shots, hitting Brown several times, including a fatal wound to the head.

Wilson told Stephanopoulos he would have acted the same way if circumstances were repeated.

“The reason I have a clean conscience is I know I did my job right,” Wilson said, adding that he would have made the same decisions had Brown, who was black, been a white man.

Wilson, who said the incident was the first time he had ever fired his gun in the line of duty, said witness accounts that Brown held up his hands to signal his surrender were “incorrect.” He added that he was sorry for Brown’s parents that they lost their son.

Additional portions of the interview were scheduled to air later Tuesday on Nightline and Wednesday on “Good Morning America.”

The interview’s airing comes after a night of sometimes violent confrontation between protesters and authorities in Ferguson and in other cities across the country following the grand jury’s decision. Authorities early Tuesday night warned against a repeat of the looting and vandalism that marked Monday’s protests in Ferguson, and Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon said more than 2,200 National Guard troops would be in the city to deter violence.

Will we ever know the truth???

It’s over: Boston bombing suspect captured alive, police say

The Boston Marathon bombing suspect was captured wounded but alive Friday night after police found him in a boat in a suburban backyard following a bloody rampage and a daylong manhunt, law enforcement sources said.


The arrest of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 19, ended five days of terror from the double bombing at the marathon finish line, which killed three people, wounded 176 and left the city of Boston on edge.

“We got him,” Boston Mayor Tom Menino tweeted.

“CAPTURED!!! The hunt is over. The search is done. The terror is over. And justice has won,” the Boston Police Department said on its Twitter account.

Cops cheered as the suspect was taken into custody in Watertown, Mass. just before 9 p.m., and residents flooded the streets, some chanting, “USA!”

Police cornered Tsarnaev — a naturalized U.S. citizen of Chechen origin — around 7 p.m., less than an hour after police lifted a lockdown for the city and its suburbs.

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Boston bombing suspect arrested

Authorities have arrested a suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings based on security video that showed a man depositing a bag at the scene before the blasts, CNN reported on Wednesday, citing U.S. and Boston law enforcement sources.

Boston Marathon bomb scene pictures taken by investigators show the remains of an explosive device

A U.S. law enforcement source told Reuters that a suspect had been identified and that a formal announcement would be made later in the day.

The developments are the biggest publicly-disclosed breaks since Monday’s blast at the marathon finish line killed three people and injured 176 others. Investigators were searching through thousands of pieces of evidence from cell phone pictures to shrapnel shards pulled from victims’ legs.

Based on shards of metal, fabric, wires and a battery recovered at the scene, the focus turned to whoever may have made bombs in pressure cooker pots and taken them in heavy black nylon bags to the finish line of the world-famous race watched by crowds of spectators.

A stretch of Boston’s Boylston Street almost a mile long and blocks around it remained closed as investigators searched for clues in the worst attack on U.S. soil since the hijacked plane strikes of September 11, 2001.

Cities across the United States were on edge after Monday’s blasts in Boston. Adding to the nervousness was the announcement that mail containing a suspicious substance addressed to a lawmaker and to President Barack Obama. The FBI said, however, that agents had found no link the attack in Boston. Continue reading

Hillary Cinton and Michelle Obama to Run For Office in 2016?

Via HuffingtonPost

michelle obama and hillary clintonThe 2016 election may still be several years away, but some democrats are already getting excited about a political match that they say is made in heaven: Hillary Clinton and First Lady Michelle Obama on the presidential ticket.

“All due respect for President Obama and Vice President Biden, but that would truly be a dream team for America,” Karen Finney, a former spokesperson for the Democratic Party and Clinton, told the Washington Examiner. “Both women are proven effective leaders who’ve raise children, so dealing with Congress would be a snap.”

Democratic strategist Chris Lehane, who worked closely with the Clinton White House, told the paper that all this talk of a Clinton-Obama partnership “reflects the growing awareness that it is time for the glass ceiling of the last old boys club to be firmly shattered.” Continue reading