IMG_7940-CRPWhile attending Azusa Pacific University studying psychology, dancing is all that Derrek “Doc” Clarke could think about. After a chance meeting with singer and world renowned dancer/choreographer Toni Basil (“Hey Mickey”) in a Hollywood night club, Azusa Pacific University was now in the past. Toni Basil was so impressed by Doc’s grace, and unqiue style on the dance floor that she asked him to appear in her video “Street Life”.

From there she enlisted him to help her choreograph the R&B group Troop’s video “Spread my wings”. Doc continued to work with Troop and countless other entertainers including Young Mc, Herb Alpert, Fatima Robinson, Tony Danza and more. He was also featured in a number of commercials including those for Pepsi and Sega.

His feet eventually led him to Japan where he lived and performed for three years. This eventually took a toll on the young dancer and he relocated back to Southern California. Wanting more of a challenge and possesing a thirst for how the music business worked, he began interning at Motown Records in the A&R dept. After becoming a full time employee at Motown, Doc began to help artists with their image and how they looked on videos, album covers,and live appearances. Doc has styled such artist as Queen Latifah, Michael Bivins, BBD, Lloyd, Sammie, Something for the People, Jesse Powell, and countless other’s.

You can now find Doc managing artist, song writter’s, producers.

Twitter: @doc221ent

4 responses to “Doc

  1. Doc is the dude….Musik Theory wanna be him when we grow up..wait! we already grown..guess we better hurry up! lol. Good stuff..

  2. Wow nice DOC..does the maddness ever stop for you my friend lolll… I love the new site.. ill be a regular visitor for sure hun..kisses my Old friend xoxoxo

  3. I love reading a post that will make men and women think.

    Also, many thanks for allowing for me to comment!

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