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Suge Knight — I Was Ambushed By Gunmen

Suge Knight now has a video of the entire parking lot altercation that resulted in a man’s death — and sources connected to Suge tell us it shows someone holding a gun and pointing it ominously at Suge, and that person is Cle “Bone” Sloan.


TMZ Reports:

Our Suge sources believe the video clearly shows the fight leading up to the fatal hit and run was an ambush. We’re told you see a gun in Bone’s hand … and it looks like another person is also there holding a gun.

In the video … after Suge runs over Bone and Terry Carter, someone walks over and takes the gun from Bone’s hand and walks away with it.

And get this — our Suge sources say based on the video and information … they now believe Carter was part of the ambush. You’ll recall, Carter drove with Suge to the meeting and set it up.

We’re told the video was shot by surveillance cameras in the Tam’s hamburger joint parking lot. We’d been told by the owner of Tam’s that the cameras were inoperative, but apparently that was not the case.

What’s strange is … law enforcement sources tell us cops believe the video will help their case against Suge. Obviously, Suge’s side sees it much differently.

This case should be taken to The Peoples Court!

Suge Knight rushed to hospital after pleading ‘not guilty’

Suge Knight was rushed to the hospital after appearing in Los Angeles County Superior Court Tuesday.


“He was transported to a local hospital at 9:45 this morning for a medical emergency,” Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department spokesperson Nicole Nishida confirms to USA TODAY. According to the AP, Knight complained of chest pains.

Meanwhile, shots were heard several blocks away from the courthouse, though a call reporting sounds of gunfire was not received until 10:12 a.m. “It had nothing to do with the courthouse,” said Nishida.

Knight pleaded not guilty earlier Tuesday to murder, attempted murder and hit-and-run charges during a brief court appearance.

If convicted Knight faces up to life in state prison.

Authorities allege Knight killed one man, Terry Carter, 55, and injured another, Cle “Bone” Sloan, 51, with his pickup truck on Thursday near a film set in Compton, and then fled the scene.

The collision followed a fight involving Knight and at least one of the men he struck in a restaurant parking lot, the district attorney’s statement said.

Knight, who has a history of convictions and run-ins with the law, was out on bail in a separate robbery case at the time.

In November, he pleaded not guilty to a robbery charge filed after a celebrity photographer accused him of stealing her camera in Beverly Hills. Because of prior convictions, he could face up to 30 years in prison in that case.

The new complaint against him includes use of a deadly weapon and causing great bodily injury allegations.

Also, because Knight has prior convictions, this case would be a third strike against him if he is convicted, automatically increasing the sentence under California law.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department continues to investigate the case, reviewing video of the crime scene.

Knight’s lawyer, James Blatt, has said Knight accidentally ran over the men as he tried to escape a vicious attack through the truck window. He says Knight was attacked by four people, including Sloan, and that Knight hit the gas and fled in fear.

Earlier, Knight’s initial bail of $2 million was revoked after a court commissioner agreed with detectives who said the 49-year-old founder of Death Row Records was a potential flight risk and could intimidate witnesses, according Nishida.

At 6-foot-4-inches and weighing 325 pounds, Knight is an imposing figure. He was at the center of one of the most notorious rap conflicts of the 1990s, pitting Tupac Shakuragainst Biggie Smalls in an East Coast-West Coast rivalry.

Knight was sent to prison for nearly five years for badly beating a rival with Shakur at aLas Vegas hotel, just hours before Shakur was fatally shot while riding in Knight’s car just east of the Strip.

This latest incident comes less than six months after Knight was shot six times at a West Hollywood nightclub in August — the second shooting he has survived. No arrests have been made in that case.

All of a sudden Suge wants to play sick?? Hmmmmm… Seem’s alittle suspect to us! We hope he’s OK!

‘Moesha’ Star Marcus T. Paulk Arrested in AZ for DUI, Drug Possession

The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department and its notorious leader Joe Arpaio had a field day with the Super Bowl in town. Some 24 hours before they hauled in Warren Sapp for allegedly soliciting a prostitute, “Moesha” star Marcus T. Paulk was arrested for DUI and drug possession, reports TMZ: marcus-paulk-mug-shot-2 According to law enforcement sources … Paulk got pinched early Sunday morning by Maricopa County Sheriff’s deputies, and blew a .109. He also allegedly had a bag of marijuana. Paulk was pulled over in Scottsdale for driving dangerously close to emergency vehicles involved in a routine stop. Cops say he failed a field sobriety test … and fessed up he’d been drinking Hennessy and smoking pot earlier in the day. It’s not Paulk’s first legal tangle — the actor was arrested in 2013 for allegedly kicking and punching his ex-GF, but avoided jail time after cutting a plea deal. MP looks higher than a giraffe’s ass in his mug shot!..He needed a time out!

Warren Sapp Arrested For Soliciting Prostitute

Warren Sapp was arrested in Phoenix this morning for soliciting a prostitute around 7AM  … TMZ Sports has learned.
KNXV Warren Sapp mugshot_1422907137404_13024001_ver1.0_640_480

Sapp was also arrested for assault.  We’re told Sapp was taken into custody at a hotel in Downtown Phoenix.
The 42-year-old “Dancing with the Stars” alum was booked just a few minutes ago.

Sapp was in Phoenix covering the Super Bowl for the NFL Network.

It’s not Warren’s first arrest — he was busted in 2010 for domestic battery, but those charges were eventually dropped. He was also arrested for an alleged domestic battery in Miami in 2014.

As we previously reported, officials made it clear before the Super Bowl they would be cracking down on prostitution.

12:21 PM PT — The NFL Network has removed Sapp’s bio from the official “On-Air Talent” section of the website.

No word if Sapp has been fired from the Network yet … but as one source puts it, “It’s not looking good.” 

12:06 PM PT — A rep for the hotel where Warren was arrested tells TMZ Sports, “we were contacted by the Phoenix Police Dept. today in a matter involving a guest.”

“We are cooperating with police as they look into the situation since it is an active investigation. We have no further comment.”
Warren we know you like to sack the quarterback, but you can’t be sackin’ the ladies of the evening! Hut Hut Hike!!!

Rapper Xzibit Busted For DUI On Wedding Night

xzibit-mugshot-tmz-3Rapper Xzibit tied the knot Saturday night near Laguna Beach, CA.  He and his bride, longtime girlfriend Krista Joiner, partied with friends at the St. Regis Monarch Beach. After getting pelted with rice early Sunday he left.

But the union got interrupted in Laguna, when cops pulled Xzibit over for speeding.  He reeked of alcohol so the officer cuffed him and took him to the station.

It’s fitting … Xzibit was associated with the group, The Alkaholiks.