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Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Shake Up; Who’s Getting Fired?


Love And Hip Hop Atlanta season three is over and we’re hearing that there will be some major shake up in the cast for season four of the hit reality show.

According to reports, several of the current cast members will not be returning to the show for season four.

Sources say producers have already notified several cast members telling them that they will not be returning to the show. These include Scrappy and his baby’s mom Erica, Young Joc, Kirk, Rasheeda, Bambi, and Mama Dee.

Apparently Joseline Hernandez, Stevie J, Benzino, Althea, Mimi Faust, Nikko Smith, and Karlie Redd are all reportedly negotiating their new contracts for the next season.

We haven’t heard any mention of rapper Waka Flocka and his wife Tammy Rivera, but knowing his momager Deb Atney is going to make sure they return to the cast.

Why all the changes?  Supposedly the producers are looking to add some fresh new faces to drive up the ratings for next season.


Model/Rapper Adiz Bambi Joins The Cast of ‘Basketball Wives LA’

From the looks of things the vacant spots in the “Basketball Wives LA” cast are starting to fill up. Last week, we posted that model and former “acquaintance” of NBA baller Rashad Lewis, Brooke Bailey, was joining the crew and now VH1 has confirmed there will be another new face on the second season of the show.  Meet Adi B aka Bambi.

Bambi is a model/ actress/ and rapper who has a video out for her track “Look at Your Body,” which also features BBWLA cast member Malaysia Pargo who she said in an interview with Secret Language TV is her best friend (both were born and raised in Compton, CA).

As far as we know, Bambi hasn’t had any affiliation with any basketball stars, but we’re sure she’ll bring some juiciness to the new season. 

Pop the hood to check out her new music video: Continue reading

Love & HIp Hop’s Joseline Hernandez Talks Stevie J, Her Stripper Past and Whether Or Not Her Butt Is Real

Although we had to miss Monday’s episode of Love & Hip-Hop due to the Direct TV/Viacom squabble that’s going on (did we mention we hate them both right now?), we saw Twitter going nuts about cast member Joseline Hernandez.  Apparently she’s still a hot mess (although – we’ll have to watch it for ourselves to be the judge).  Our folks over at Global Grind got the opportunity to catch up with her.  Pop the hood to check out a few excerpts from her interview–including why she still loves her some Stevie J. (or as she calls him even in her tweets now, Steebie):

How did you link up with Stevie J?

I met Stevie J at the strip club when I used to dance. And I also knew that I wanted to do music, that I wanted to be a rapper. I wanted to be a singer. I wanted to be an actress. I also knew that and I met him through a friend of his and mine. We spoke. Then a couple of days after, I met him again at the studio, through another friend of mine that was trying to get in the business, and he said, ‘well, I think you should get in the business.’ I was like: ‘I always wanted to get into the business and sing and dance and do everything like this, but I always got fast money in the strip club,’ so I wasn’t really taking my career like I am now. Ever since then, we started working together, and here we are now.

What’s the most surprising thing about Stevie J that Love & Hip-Hop doesn’t show?

Stevie is a ladies’ man. What’s wrong with that? As bad as they talk about him, and he’s this and he’s that, every woman will let Stevie J play them, too. To me it’s a joke. Stevie, he loves all women. He loves women! There’s nothing wrong with that. If I was a man, I would love them too. Believe me. I’m not a man, and I love them, so I can just imagine if I was. He just loves women. But, Stevie’s a good person. To me, he’s a sweetheart. He doesn’t show me anything but being a gentleman. He can be an ass, but that’s everyone. He’s a sweetheart. A lot of people don’t know that about him. Oh, and another thing, he knows how to cook really, really, really good. Continue reading

Vanessa Bryant to join the cast of Basketball Wives LA?

Shaquille O’Neal’s ex-wife Shaunie O’Neal has turned being a wife/ex-wife/girlfriend/baby momma/jump off (you get the drift) of an NBA player into a new career, and now that Vanessa Bryant is divorcing from our boy Kobe, that makes her a prime candidate for one of our favorite VH1 reality shows! Continue reading