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Lil Wayne Disses NBA, Says He Slept With Miami Heat Chris Bosh’s Wife

Lil Wayne claims he slept with Miami Heat player Chris Bosh’s wife Adrienne Williams.


He said as much on stage in the midst of a profanity-laced tirade at a Beats Audio event during All-Star Weekend.

He led the audience in “Fuck the NBA!” and “Fuck the Miami Heat” chants, respectively, before issuing a variety of verbal taunts.

“Let them niggas know I’m from the streets,” he said. “Ain’t no Twitter beef. Take it to the fucking streets, nigga. Fuck all them niggas. Fuck Lebron [James]. Fuck [Dwayne] Wade. Fuck Chris Bosh….And I fucked Chris Bosh’s wife.”

The source of his frustration? The Miami Heat reportedly asked the NBA to ban Weezy from any and all All-Star Weekend festivities. If you’ll recall, Wayne was kicked out of a Miami Heat game last week after reportedly making a ‘gun gesture’ at a fan.

“The NBA banned me from all NBA events,” he said. “Because the Miami Heat told them to ban me.”

We think the NBA banned him for Heat games because you can’t have more than one humane reptile in the building at once. Maybe if Bosh get’s traded Wayne will be welcomed back.

Pop The Hood on Weezy’s Outburst

Chris Bosh Suing His Baby’s Mama?

Chris Bosh’s baby mama, Alision Mathis, has been waging a negative media campaign against the Miami Heat star, apparently in hopes of shaming him into increasing his child support payments. Well…oit looks like the absolute opposite happened.

Check out what are folks over at Rhymes With Snitch are reporting:

Allison has been speaking publicly about her difficulties surviving off the $2,700 a month Chris provides to support their daughter and announced to the media that she was applying for Food Stamps [click here if you missed that].

In a letter to Allision’s attorney, Chris’ attorney reminds Alli about the $250,000 cash settlement she received from Chris in 2010 and questions why she fails to mention the other expenses Chris picks up while she’s berating him to the media. Continue reading

Chris Bosh’s Baby Mother’s Speaks Out About Having to Apply For Food Stamps and Chris Bosh Suing Her For Joining ‘Basketball Wives’

Chris Bosh’s baby’s mother, Alison Mathis, explains almost everything you want to know about her and Chris’ bitter child support issues except why he’s so mad.

Check out what Rhymes With Snitch is reporting:

In an exclusive interview with Gossip Extra Alison explains how it was Chris’ idea to have their baby out of wedlock, but that he’d promised her mother and his mother that they would eventually wed.

Alison also says Chris is a totally different person than the man she lived with while he played for the Toronto Raptors.

Alison goes on to explain why she had to apply for Food Stamps and how Chris sued to keep her from taking a role on Basketball Wives, even though it would have made her independent, and says Chris knows full well how bad off she and his daughter are living and still refuses to help.

Pop the hood to check out the videos: