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Karrueche Tran Takes Shots at Blue Ivy Carter on 106 & Park


Everyone is talking about the absolutely adorable images of Blue Ivy Carter during Sunday night’s MTV Video Music Awards, but, as expected, the jokes rolled in a day after. In Monday’s segment on BET’s 106 & Park titled “Top Six Things Blue Ivy Thought At The VMAs,” guest host (and Chris Brown‘s on-again, off-again girlfriend) Karrueche Tran made a pretty mean-spirited joke about Blues hair saying (in a joking tone): “I really did wake up like this…because my parents never comb my hair.” Continue reading

No U Ain’t of the Day: Bad Ass Kids Bully Elderly Bus Monitor

If somebody doesn’t come and get these bad ass devil children! Don’t let us find them or we’re not only going upside their heads, we’re going upside their momma and daddy’s heads too! Haven’t they been taught to respect their elders? If parents spent more time disciplining their children as opposed to buying them the newest pair of Jordans, this bullying problem wouldn’t be such a huge issue in our society. If somebody knows where these devil children are at, email nouaintradio@gmail.com. We’ll show them how WE get down!

Karen needs to get this lady on her bus. She’ll handle her lightweights:

The Game explains why he tried to spit on his fans

As we reported earlier this week, rapper The Game caused a little outrage when a video of him spitting at a few female fans circulated the internet, however he’s now claiming that he had a good reason for spitting at them. (Huh!?)

According to The Game, there was a lot more that happened that night that was not caught on tape. For one, he says that the fans threw things at him and his entourage after they were asked to leave his meet and greet earlier that day and that they had been disruptive and holding up the line. He also claims that one of the fans spat at him first which caused him to spit back.

Pop the hood to check out what he had to say: Continue reading