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[Exclusive] Beyonce breaks her silence about elevator fight on Flawless Remix with Nicki Minaj












Queen Bey and Nicki have a message for the world…”They woke up like this!” If Beyonce wasn’t aggressive enough on previous iterations of the Bow Down/Flawless track, she definitely sets the bar higher this time, trading lines with Onika (sometimes we have to hit em off with the government name).

With all the Bey-Jay divorce rumors, we will just have to wait and see how everything plays out. But Beyonce definitely seemed like she had some pinned up emotion she wanted to release on this remix. She even speaks on the infamous elevator incident involving Jay-Z and her sister Solange:

“Of course sometimes sh*t go down when there’s a billion dollars on the elevator.”

Ok, she didn’t exactly spill the beans, but it’s becoming more apparent that she could use a few therapy sessions to help her figure some things out. Don’t trip B, the good folks here at amcaffeine.com can connect you with Dr. Drew Pinsky at the Pasadena  Recovery Center. Just hope you don’t run into DMX while you’re there “arrfff arrfff.”

Peep the Flawless Remix CLICK HERE