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New Music Monday: Chris Brown feat. Fat Joe & Troop – ‘Another Round’ (Remix)

Chris Brown collabs with EVERYBODY.  Shout outs to Troop!  These 90s groups are trying to make a comeback!

What do you think of this joint?

Patricia Houston doesn’t blame Bobby Brown for Whitney’s drug problems

It’s very easy to blame the demise of Whitney Houston’s stardom on her ex-husband Bobby Brown.  It wasn’t until after Houston married Brown in 1992, that the public saw a different Whitney.  America’s sweetheart was a good girl gone bad.  The couple divorced in 2006 after a turbulent marriage troubled with drug use.

Tonight, in an exclusive interview with Oprah Winfrey, Whitney Houston’s family came to Bobby Brown’s defense.

(via TheUrbanDaily) Whitney’s longtime confidante, manager, sister-in-law and best friend,  Patricia Houston, had much insight into the superstar’s marriage to Bobby Brown.

As for accusations that he was the one who hooked Whitney to drugs, she says, “I can’t say that he introduced drugs to her; I don’t think that’s true. Bobby and I had a good relationship. She would say, ‘You’re always trying to protect him.’ I said, ‘No, I’m protecting truth… I can’t do it any other way.’” Continue reading