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Madonna Falls Onstage at the Brit Awards Then Finishes Her Performance

Madonna was pulled down a flight of stairs during her performance at the U.K.’s Brit Awards today performing her new single “Living For Love.”

464392768Video footage appears to show a cape-like costume element meant to be pulled off Madonna’s shoulders which didn’t detach properly, dragging Madonna down three stairs and onto her back on the stage.

 Falls in live performances are an occupational hazard for the most seasoned performers: In 2009, to name just one instance, Jennifer Lopez fell onstage at the American Music Awards. But this has been a moment of unusual attention to Madonna, with her upcoming album Rebel Heart representing a serious bid for an artistic comeback.Still, Madonna’s beating back her critics began seconds after her fall: She got up and finished the song. And in a post on Instagram, the singer wrote, “nothing can stop me.

Pop the hood on the spill

Fashion Game: Christian Louboutin Jungle Pumps

Check out these new ‘Jungle Pumps’ from Christian Louboutin’s Fall/Winter 2012-2013 shoe collection.