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(Video) Iggy Azalea Falls Off Stage During Pre-VMA Performance

Iggy-Azalea bites the dustLet’s get right to it.  Iggy Azalea bit the dust hard last night during a Pre-VMA Show performance at The Avalon in Hollywood.  Good news is the Australian rapper posted the video to her instagram to poke fun at herself.  Pop the hood to watch Iggy take a tumble: Continue reading

Drake falls on stage……AGAIN

Come on Drizzy….Don’t think we forgot about that fall you took a few years ago while you were on stage with Lil’ Wayne.

But you did it again?

At least you did a better job trying to play it off this time!

Get your foot work and that knee together Drake!  You’ve tumbled one too many times!  You’re worse than Scarlett!

No U Aint of the Day: Ray-J bites the dust (video)

Uh oh! Another one bites the dust on stage….this time Ray J took a tumble!

A member of Ray-J’s entourage was seen splashing water on stage before the singer bit it. Ray was then seen trying to cover up the fall by rolling on the ground but luckily cameras were around to catch the whole thing.

Pop the hood and check out Ray-J face first on stage and trying to play off his fall…