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Am Caffeine Morning drops new single..”Hit By” (3X’s Smooth)


Collaborations are very common place in todays music and has always been a way to bring artist together on one song to help bring attention to a particular release. The Am Caffeine morning show is introducing their unique take on the art of collaborations.

The Am Caffeine morning introduces their “No School” project which brings together legendary rap artist and R&B artist who have never worked or recorded songs together until now. The idea steamed from conversation between “Am Caffeine Morning” air personality/co-producer Doc Clarke and resident DJ Smoooth Dee. “Everyone is doing compilations and collabs lets do or own with a twist” as the ¬†conversation went further “No School” was born. The first release off the “No School” project is “Hit By”(3X’s Smooth) featuring rap legend Smooth B from Nice & Smooth, 90’s female rapper/singer Mc Smooth and DJ Smooth Dee on the 1’s & 2’s.. This is just the first of many more releases to come from the “No School” project. Take a look at what happened during the historic studio session:



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