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Samsung Pays $5 Million to Give Away the New Jay-Z Album

Samsung announced during Sunday’s NBA Finals game, Jay-Z’s new album Magna Carta Holy Grail, will be available through an app to 1 million Galaxy phone users on July 4, three days before the general public will be able to buy it.

Jay-Z-New-AlbumSamsung paid $5 million for the rights to give away digital versions of the album, according to the Wall Street Journal. People primarily buy smartphones about once every two years on regimented schedules, so Samsung isn’t going to drive many sales from this specific promotion. Instead, it’s hoping that the next time someone’s contract is up, she’ll remember that Jay-Z exclusives are the kind of thing she can expect to hold over her iPhone-toting friends if she buys a Galaxy phone. This isn’t the first time Samsung has attempted to lure people toward its phones with the promise of music. But at this point there are few artists more iconic than Jay-Z. (He wouldn’t have been Steve Jobs’s first choice, though.) Also, as we’ve pointed out in the past, Jay-Z and Samsung just seem like a good fit.

Companies that peddle mobile devices are all after ways to offer exclusive content. The richness of Apple’s (AAPL) app store gave it a huge advantage over competing smartphone platforms in the early days of Android. (Microsoft (MSFT) is paying developers directly to make apps for its platform in an attempt to catch up.) Apps have the advantage of being a profitable business, because the companies that run the platforms take a cut of the revenue from sales. But distributing digital content isn’t about making money. This explains why Apple and Google (GOOG) have been keen to get into the distinctly non-lucrative world of streaming music. Phone carriers are also looking to music as a way to promote their networks; MetroPCS now offers to bundle subscriptions to Rhapsody, the streaming service, into customers’ monthly plans.

“Music, increasingly, has to be part of a broader strategy,” says Benedict Evans of Enders Analysis. “It’s tough to make it work as a stand-alone business.”

You don’t have to tell that to businesses like Pandora (P)and Spotify, which are bleeding cash and fighting tooth and nail to reduce their royalty payments. But Apple and Google see their streaming music services much in the same way that Samsung sees its Jay-Z deal, says Evans. For the tech giants, it’s worth taking this loss to be the ones doling music out.

Pop the Hood on Jay Z’s promo

MTV2 debutes Hip Hop Squares with Method Man,Biz Markie,& Dj Khaled

MTV2’s new original game show, “Hip Hop Squares”, is slated to debut this week on the network. The inaugural show will feature Mac Miller, Fat Joe, MGK, Ghostface Killah, DJ Khaled, Tech N9ne, comedian Donnell, Kat Graham, and host Peter Rosenberg of Hot 97.

If you’ve heard of the old school Hollywood Squares show, then you’re already
familiar with the side antics that often occurred. On Hip Hop Squares, the nine
squares of the tick-tack-toe board are filled with a rotating cast of rappers,
disc jockeys, comedians, sports and TV personalities who field questions
about music, history and pop culture. As on the original series, contestants
must agree or disagree with the stars’ answers to score an X or an O; and the
stars, who are given the answers beforehand, do their best to entertain or
confuse the contestants. Continue reading

Judge Allowing Lyrics To Be Used As Evidence In Lil Booise Murder Case

Anything you rap about can and will be used against you in the court of law.

Freedom of speech must not apply to rappers. Judge Mike Erwin has granted the motion to allow Lil Boosie’s lyrics to be entered into evidence in the rappers murder case.

Born Torrence Hatch, Booise  is accused of hiring a hit-man, Michael “Marlo Mike” Louding to murder Terry Boyd back in 2009. The police are also looking at Louding in connection with six other murders.

Baton Rouge PD detective Alvin Howard, testified that lines like “187,” “murk” and “cake,” found in Boosie’s songs reference the killing. Howard also said that Louding has admitted to being paid $2800 to commit the murder, however, the defense argued that the detective never  verified where the funds actually came from.

Is this a trial about murder or Boosie’s lyrics. How many artist lyrics contain references to crime and drugs? Are charges going to be filed against them too? Last time we checked Rick Ross was a former corrections officer and he’s “pushin’ weight”. Is he going to be charged with drug trafficking?   Is Boosie more guilty because he rapped about murder or because he actually committed a crime? Now if he is guilty of a crime that can actually be proven by all means do what you do. But don’t try to shape the jurors opinion based off his lyrics.  What happen to a fair trial?



Hip Hop Trading Cards

Hip Hop heads should get a kick out of these interactive trading cards.

The  Platinum League is launching the world’s first interactive hip-hop trading card.

Scheduled for a May 1st. release date, the trading card series will feature exclusive photos of today’s biggest artist, career highlights and a QRL code link to an exclusive video message from each artist accessible from any smart phone or mobile device.

Every pack of trading cards will feature five artist cards with an additional ‘6th Card’ that gives the buyer an access code to log-on to a mobile web site, claim instant prizes and enter a sweepstakes.  There’s a winner in every pack, and the company projects it will give away approximately 3-million prizes every three months.

This looks like it might be really dope. For more information you can check out  www.platinumleague.com




American Express Sues Nelly

Nelly has allegedly racked up  over 20k on his American Express card and refused to pay his debt.

Well, Am Ex is not having it (they want their chips with dip) and have filed a lawsuit against the multi-platinum hip-hop star.

Due to Nelly’s failure to pay, American Express is pursuing legal action to recover the $20,403.64 debt along with 3k in legal fees.

Nelly, dude, what are u doing? We know money is a bit tight for everyone but seriously, the minimum monthly payment is like $25.00. Your not good for 25 a month?  Go Stand In The Corner!!

According to TMZ a court  hearing has been set for January 9. The suit was originally filed back in October.