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Dwight Howard Speaks On Kobe Bryant And Leaving The Lakers (Video)

What does Dwight Howard think about Kobe and The Lakers??

safe_image.php_Pop the hood on DW’s take on LA & leaving for Houston.

James Harden Addresses Paying 20k To “Hang Out” With Stripper

Black sports online reported that Houston Rockets James Harden had paid a large sum of money to “hang out” with model Jenna Shea.

According to BSO Harden recently addressed this topic via twitter by saying the following.


Stop believing everything you hear.

BSO spoke with “someone close to the situation” in Houston about the matter:

“The exact amount of money maybe wasn’t $20k, I don’t know if it was more or less. It isn’t uncommon for players to send for women, they pay not so much for them to come, but to leave. The only problem with this situation is someone leaked to the media it was Harden who sent for them. If it was any other player no one would care, but Harden has a reputation and it became a story. No one considers it a big deal even if the story is fairly accurate. Things are being put in place to make sure it doesn’t leak to the media again.”

Tricks come in all shape,size,and beards!

BREAKING NEWS! Derek Fisher traded to the Houston Rockets

(via KTHV) ESPN is reporting the LA Lakers have traded Arkansas native Derek Fisher to the Houston Rockets.

The Lakers traded Fisher for Jordan Hill after the team got Ramon Sessions from the Cleveland Cavaliers. Sessions was traded for the Lakers’ 2012 first round draft pick. The Cavaliers will also send Christian Eyenga to the Laker and in return the Cavs will get Luke Walton and Jason Kapnono.

Fisher played with the Lakers for 13 of his 16 years in the NBA. He was a part of five NBA titles with the team. According to ESPN, he averaged 5.9 points and 3.3 assists per game this season. He has averaged 8.7 points and 3.1 assist per game in his career.

Derek Fisher is from Little Rock and played for the UALR Trojans in college.

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