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Suge Knight Admitted to Hospital Again After Claiming He’s Going Blind

Suge Knight the former Death Row CEO isn’t just awaiting trial for murder charges; he’s also been dealing with some bad health issues. In less than a month, he got rushed to the hospital twice for a panic attack and stomach bleeding. March 2 marks yet another trip.


This time, Knight claims he’s going blind from the lack of medical attention. Before the medical trip, he spoke on his own behalf after firing his lawyers and claimed he was being mistreated in jail. Knight then told the court that his doctor informed him his eyesight was declining, prompting the hospital admittance.

Knight is in jail after hitting two people with a car on a Los Angeles movie set, killing one and leaving the other injured.

Suge got more game than The Price is right!

Suge Knight rushed to hospital after pleading ‘not guilty’

Suge Knight was rushed to the hospital after appearing in Los Angeles County Superior Court Tuesday.


“He was transported to a local hospital at 9:45 this morning for a medical emergency,” Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department spokesperson Nicole Nishida confirms to USA TODAY. According to the AP, Knight complained of chest pains.

Meanwhile, shots were heard several blocks away from the courthouse, though a call reporting sounds of gunfire was not received until 10:12 a.m. “It had nothing to do with the courthouse,” said Nishida.

Knight pleaded not guilty earlier Tuesday to murder, attempted murder and hit-and-run charges during a brief court appearance.

If convicted Knight faces up to life in state prison.

Authorities allege Knight killed one man, Terry Carter, 55, and injured another, Cle “Bone” Sloan, 51, with his pickup truck on Thursday near a film set in Compton, and then fled the scene.

The collision followed a fight involving Knight and at least one of the men he struck in a restaurant parking lot, the district attorney’s statement said.

Knight, who has a history of convictions and run-ins with the law, was out on bail in a separate robbery case at the time.

In November, he pleaded not guilty to a robbery charge filed after a celebrity photographer accused him of stealing her camera in Beverly Hills. Because of prior convictions, he could face up to 30 years in prison in that case.

The new complaint against him includes use of a deadly weapon and causing great bodily injury allegations.

Also, because Knight has prior convictions, this case would be a third strike against him if he is convicted, automatically increasing the sentence under California law.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department continues to investigate the case, reviewing video of the crime scene.

Knight’s lawyer, James Blatt, has said Knight accidentally ran over the men as he tried to escape a vicious attack through the truck window. He says Knight was attacked by four people, including Sloan, and that Knight hit the gas and fled in fear.

Earlier, Knight’s initial bail of $2 million was revoked after a court commissioner agreed with detectives who said the 49-year-old founder of Death Row Records was a potential flight risk and could intimidate witnesses, according Nishida.

At 6-foot-4-inches and weighing 325 pounds, Knight is an imposing figure. He was at the center of one of the most notorious rap conflicts of the 1990s, pitting Tupac Shakuragainst Biggie Smalls in an East Coast-West Coast rivalry.

Knight was sent to prison for nearly five years for badly beating a rival with Shakur at aLas Vegas hotel, just hours before Shakur was fatally shot while riding in Knight’s car just east of the Strip.

This latest incident comes less than six months after Knight was shot six times at a West Hollywood nightclub in August — the second shooting he has survived. No arrests have been made in that case.

All of a sudden Suge wants to play sick?? Hmmmmm… Seem’s alittle suspect to us! We hope he’s OK!

Chris Brown At Center Of New Criminal Investigation

R&B singer Chris Brown is making headlines this weekend as reports claim he has become the victim of identity theft. According to reports, Breezy’s theft allegedly stems from when he left his jail ID at San Bernardino County Jail last year following a rehab stint in California.


According to Sohh:

Fast forward to this week … when someone tried to sell the ID online for $10,000. Chris’ lawyer, Mark Geragos, got wind of it and went to the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Dept. and said “What the F***?” The Sheriff’s Dept. launched an investigation and traced the ID to someone in the area. We’ve learned cops seized the ID and grilled the guy, who insists he got the ID from a friend who got it from a friend. (TMZ)

Brown recently appeared in court and had his probation revoked for traveling outside of the Los Angeles area.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge James R. Brandlin said Brown can remain free at least until a March 20 hearing when the judge will receive an update from probation officials. Brown was ordered by those officials in December not to leave Los Angeles County without permission. However, the Grammy-winning singer performed at a nightclub in San Jose on Jan. 11 without obtaining permission to travel. (AP)

Breezy’s recent appearance during a club shooting also sparked concern.

Brown was also supposed to complete 1,000 hours of community labor by the end of January, but he is still 200 hours short. Additionally, the probation report expressed concern over Sunday’s shooting at a San Jose club. Brown was on stage when five people were injured. (Rap-Up)

Breezy has more drama than an “Empire” episode

Chris Brown Puts Karrueche Tran On Blast: “I was locked up for damn near 4 months and only got 1 visit from you while u was hosting parties and taking secret trips to Toronto, going on dates with Drake!”

karrueche-tran breaks up with chris brownWe guess it’s safe to say that Chris Brown and on-off again girlfriend Karrueche Tran’s relationship is officially OVER.  The singer took to his Instagram account Saturday night to put her on blast, but quickly deleted it.  The post read:

It amazes me that you can change and elevate somebody’s life completely and they treat you like a regular nigga…BUT IM SLEEP.

We’ve got scars, some of them u gave me, some of them I’ve caused. That ride or die act we have been fooling the world with obviously ain’t working. I was locked up for damn near 4 months and only got 1 visit from you while u was hosting parties and taking secret trips to Toronto, going on dates with Drake! When this relationship first started u knew what it was and even participated in threesomes. I slowed all that shit down. So let’s not try to save face for public opinion because I don’t need to play victim so people can take my side. All these celebrity niggas ain’t shit and focus only on themselves. I made it clear to the world who my girl was and made your life equal to mine even at the cost of me not focusing on my career at times. So miss me wit the bullshit. Now yall know the real.

chris brown instagramWowzers.  If this is true, she must’ve been the inspiration behind “These h*es ain’t loyal.”

After Breezy deleted the Instagram post, he later took to his Twitter account and posted, “If u love me, hold me down and I’ll do the same.. But if this is for your image I ain’t wit it.”

Chris Brown tweet

Chris Brown Ordered to 131 More Days in Jail

(via TMZ)

Chris-BrownChris Brown has just been sentenced to spend another 4-plus months in jail … for violating his probation in the Rihanna case … but the reality is, he could be released by week’s end.

Brown was in court Friday afternoon … where he admitted he violated his probation by getting into a fight with a dude in Washington D.C.

That’s all the judge needed to hear.  He sentenced Chris to 1 year in jail.  HOWEVER, Chris got credit for 116 days he spent in rehab, and another 59 days behind bars.  That leaves 131 days in the pokey.

But we’re told the L.A. County Sheriff’s Dept has been releasing inmates sentenced to 1 year after 240 days.  And here’s the thing.  Chris gets credit for 2 days for every 1 he served behind bars, so when you add it up, he has credit for 234 days — 6 days shy.  So he could be released in days.

The judge could have gone a lot harder — 4 years in prison.  But Chris got a break because the judge took into account he was recently diagnosed with bipolar disorder, which could account for some of the violence.

The judge also ordered Chris to attend therapy sessions with a shrink 2 times a week.   And he must submit to random drug testing 3 times a week.

Chris is not out of the legal woods … his D.C. assault trial is set to start in the following months.