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Joe Budden Releases A Statement Regarding Domestic Abuse Allegations

joe buddens girlfriendWith reports and photos putting him in the middle of a media frenzy, rapper Joe Budden has wisely found legal counsel who provided our friends over at BOSSIP with the following statement on his behalf:

Update: Cops Search Joe Budden’s House

As we previously reported, Love & Hip Hop star Joe Budden allegedly beat his girlfriend.  TMZ posted photos of what look to be a woman badly bruised, and Joey is allegedly the culprit.  Well, the rapper has come forward to address widespread domestic violence reports and revealed law enforcement searched his home as a result of the situation.

joe budden

Check out what SOHH is reporting via Eben Gregory:

Budden dished out more details of the headline-generating story and proclaimed his innocence.

“I don’t take this lightly, but I do find it funny seeing as how IM THE CALMEST N*GGA IN THE WORLD !! Smh,” Budden tweeted Friday (August 22) evening.

“Also, if I did half of what’s alleged, a pic of her face would be out, not her leg.. This is simple logic here.”

“Logic typically clears up a lot of sh*t by the way.”

“I’ll have my day in court… f*ck it.”

“I did have a nice convo w @TMZ earlier about journalistic integrity, boy was that funny/stupid. Lol”

“Cops searched my house today cuz shorty told them I had guns here.. He said “wanna tell me why u have a bullet proof vest?”.. Lmao/smh”

“The lesson to be learned here is.. Leave the strippers & bartenders in the strip club… sounds so simple !” (Joe Budden’s Twitter)

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Joe Budden Accused Of Brutally Beating His Girlfriend

Say it ain’t so!  According to reports, rapper Joe Budden allegedly brutally beat his girlfriend by slamming her head into the dashboard of a car.


Check out what TMZ is reporting:

We’re told Budden saw pics of his GF with some men and flipped out. Sources connected with the woman tell us … Budden found her at an NYC restaurant, dragged her out to his car and then allegedly choked her and slammed her head into the dash.

The sources say he then drove them to his New Jersey home where cops say the beating continued.

TMZ obtained photos of the GF’s injuries … they’re pretty graphic.

Cops are currently investigating.

We’ve reached out to Budden … so far, no response.

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Raekwon Opens Up About Joe Budden Beef (Video)

Raekwon discusses his past beef with Joe Budden and says that it “jumped out of pocket.”









In 2009, the world of Hip Hop was shocked to learn that members of Raekwon’s entourage attacked Joe Buddenover comments Budden made about Method Man’s place on Vibe’s “Best Rapper Ever” list. Now, in a recent interview with DJ Vlad, the resident Chef of the Wu-Tang Clan speaks on their past beef.

Raekwon said that his feud with the Slaughterhouseemcee was never serious, and that he would be more than willing to make amends with Budden. He went on to explain that he was attempting to act as a middle man between Budden and Method Man when the situation “jumped out of pocket,” resulting in Budden being punched in the face. Continue reading

Joe Budden Confronts Consequence During Hot 97 Interview (Video)

Things just got real..




As the drama heats up on Love & Hip Hop, some of it spilled over to Hot 97. During an intermission of cast interview, Joe confronted co-star Consequence on his Breakfast Club interview. Good thing it didn’t get physical. Remember, No Love Lost. Cons then tweets:

So Joe didn’t Walk out & come back once he got the Heart 2 Holla? I just explained things so the company I was with off cam didn’t blitz. Where’s that footage??? And where’s the footage of Joe talking Jen??? #Reaching. I PROMISE that Edit is BOGUS… But it’s COOL. Believe what you want. NO MORE TALKING #StraightLikeThat

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