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Keyshia Cole Puts BET On Blast Over Alleged Non-Payment

Don’t look for another season of Keyshia Cole’s popular reality show, Keyshia and Daniel: Family First, on BET.


When a fan asked Keyshia Cole about returning for another season of Family First Quiche put BET on blast claiming the network never paid her for the first season! Check out what twitter had to say:

Screen Shot 2013-07-30 at 7.20.17 AM

Did anyone really watch this show?? C’mon son!(in our Ed Lover Voice)

Keyshia Cole Throws Shade at Beyonce on Twitter

Keyshia Cole’s nickname should be The Mad Rapper these days.  In February she threw shade at Destiny’s Child member Michelle Williams following DC’s Super Bowl performance, and now she’s taking shots at the Queen Bey.  Following the release of Beyonce’s new song “Bow Down”, Keyshia took to her Twitter (yet again) to voice her opinion, tweeting “First ‘Women need to Stick together’ now bitches better Bow.  Smh.  But it’s all G!  Chicks stay shooting the shit.”



Beyone’s #BEYHIVE was not having it, and immediately took to her defense.  Check out some of the tweets below:

Beyhive Tweets to Keyshia Cole

We’re not sure what KC’s going through these days, but unless she wants her career to end up like Keri Hilson’s, it would be in her best interest to simmer down.

Keyshia Cole Disses Destiny’s Child “Michelle Always F**kin’ Up”

Keyshia Cole has been very vocal lately about her opinions regarding a lot of things involving her personal relationships with family members, and now she’s gone on to throw shade at Michelle Williams from Destiny’s Child.  While many rumors already spread that Destiny’s Child would do a reunion type of performance at the 2013 Super Bowl Halftime show, it was never officially confirmed, so when the ladies all joined the stage together it was a bit of a shock and relief to see the rumors come true.


The group of divas sang some of their old classics like “Independent Women,” and the crowd and viewers loved every minute of it.  However Keyshia Cole wasn’t too impressed with one particular performance and made that bluntly clear on Twitter.  She blasted Michelle Williams’ vocals by saying in a tweet:

“I think I was frightened to blink for a sec. Then Michell sung and woke my ass up from my daze! She always fuckN the groove up.”

The statement was a bit harsh and fans of Michelle came to her defense and began blasting Keyshia Cole for the fact that she’s never performed at a Super Bowl, nor has she performed on stage for a while in general.

Tweet Tweet




Ummm does Keyshia have any right to diss Michelle?? Granted Chelle isn’t the hottest but KC isn’t exactly luke warm last time we checked. What do we know for a second we thought Wendy Williams hair was real. Show’s you how smart we are.

RADIO STATION TO KEYSHIA COLE Quit Your Bitching … You Were Always #2

Keyshia Cole is sorely mistaken if she believes she got bumped to make room for a singer named The Weeknd at a concert in Oakland this week — at least according to the San Fran radio station behind the show … because fact is, she wasn’t headliner material to begin with.


Keyshia went off on Twitter Monday night — the same night as KMEL 106’s Holiday House of Soul concert — claiming she bailed on the show because KMEL contacted her last minute to tell her she’d be opening for The Weeknd … instead of headlining the show herself.

She wrote, “EVERY F**KING YEAR I do something major for my city! @KMEL has the nerve to tell me at the last minute they want me to open for the weeknd.”

She added, “No disrespect to the weeknd. Why the hell would @106KMEL ask me to open for him in My home town! Where I give back! Where IM FROM! #NO”

But KMEL tells TMZ, it’s all a case of miscommunication — saying, “We were surprised to see Keyshia Cole’s Tweets the night of our show … as she was never scheduled to be the show’s final act.”

KMEL added, “When we were notified a week before her performance that she planned to cancel, we immediately removed her name from all advertising and promotion and offered refunds to those fans who requested.”

R&B singer Jeremiah replaced Keyshia when she abandoned ship.

This whole episode worked out for the best because KC has be  known to put a crowd to sleep faster than Marquez put Paccquiao to bed.




Rapper Gucci Mane Puts Keyshia Cole on Blast in New Song

If you didn’t know, Keyshia Cole and rapper Young Jeezy were engaged back in 2009.  BUT (there is a but) according to rapper Gucci Mane, Keyshia was getting it in with Diddy at the same time!

Gucci went extremely hard at Jeezy in a new song called ‘Truth’.  In it, Gucci boast about killing Jeezy’s good friend, after he tried to come for him.  About Keyshia, Gucci says, “I did a song with Keyshia Cole, and i know you still miss her. But puff was f*cking her while you was falling in love with her”

Pop the hood to listen to the track: Continue reading