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Floyd Mayweather gets nude pics in jail???

As inmate No. 1363917 at the Clark County jail in Las Vegas,Mayweather doesn’t have access to a television, computer or telephone in the small solo jail cell where on Friday he was beginning the second week of a three-month sentence in a domestic violence case.

 Floyd has been getting lots of mail since someone posted his inmate number and address on Twitter, Las Vegas police Officer Bill Cassellsaid. Jail mail is screened, and Cassell told The Associated Press that some photos to Mayweather have been confiscated as “inappropriate.”

“He’s gotten some mail and a couple of books. There has been some contraband that has been stopped,” Cassell said. He wouldn’t describe the photos in detail.
Mayweather’s lawyers in Las Vegas and his adviser, Leonard Ellerbe, didn’t immediately respond Friday to messages from the AP.

As a high-profile inmate, Mayweather is being kept separate from the other 3,200 inmates in the high-rise Clark County Detention Center, Cassell said. Continue reading

Ray-J moves on since altercation with Fabolous

From the looks of it, Brandy’s brother Ray-Jhas calmed himself down since the alleged altercation he had with rapper Fabolous in Vegas.   Our folks over at  TMZ caught up with the reality star while he was leaving a hotel and lets just say his tone was a lot different than that off the wall interivew with 105.1’s Breakfast Club Morning Show earlier this week.  Ray-J revealed that he was not proud about what happened and he’s trying to stay positive after the whole ordeal. Continue reading

Ray J clears up the rumors….he actually Mayweather’d Fabolous + Fabo cancels Hollywood club appearance tonight!!!

Whoa!  Ray-J called into The Breakfast Club on New York’s 105.1 this morning and cleared up rumors that Fabolous two-pieced him.  According to him, it was the other way around.  Pop the hood to listen to the interview:

WORD HAS IT that Fabolous was scheduled to host a party tonight in Hollywood, but according to reliable sources, he called and cancelled and has been replaced by Ryan Leslie.  Maybe Fabo doesn’t want us to see that busted lip and black eye!  It’s cool Fab…we understand!  The way Ray-J sounds, we would be scared too!

Did Fabolous give Ray-J a Mayweather style beat down in Las Vegas?

The buzz on the internet is that rapper Fabolous gave Ray J a Brooklyn beat down last night while backstage at his concert at The Palms in Las Vegas.

As of now, there isn’t any real proof that Fab Mayweather’d Ray J aside from a few eyewitnesses that tweeted about the incident, but according to posts from various people, Ray J swung at Fabolous first: Continue reading

Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose did NOT get married

The hip hop community has been buzzing for the past week, asking the question “Did Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa​ get married last weekend in Las Vegas?”

According to a source close to the couple the answer is: HELL TO THE NO (and not in those exact words) Continue reading