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Kendrick Lamar’s ‘To Pimp A Butterfly’ Leaked a Week Early

kendrick lamar album artwork

Last week the title, tracklist, and release date of To Pimp A Butterfly, Kendrick Lamar’s hotly anticipated follow-up to 2012’s Good Kid… M.A.A.D. City, were all unveiled. And although To Pimp A Butterfly was scheduled for a March 23 release, late Sunday night Lamar tweeted a link to iTunes that allowed fans to buy a clean version of the album. Shortly thereafter, the unedited, explicit version became available for download, with the album appearing on Spotify shortly after that. But while this may seem like yet another surprise album release from a high-profile artist, Anthony Tiffith of Top Dawg Entertainment—which represents Lamar—tweeted that the album’s release was, in fact, the record label’s mistake.

To Pimp A Butterfly

As of now To Pimp A Butterfly has been pulled from iTunes, with only the album’s first single, “The Blacker The Berry,” available for download. The record is still up on Spotify, however. Those looking to hear the album before March 23 may want to hurry, however, in case that stream ends up getting pulled too.

Somebody’s getting fired.

Beyonce Makes An Appearance on Solange’s Instagram

Days after purging all Beyonce photos from her Instagram page (except for one), Solange posted a childhood photo of the two as part of Throwback Thursday.

Beyonce started the Instagram reconciliation trend on Wednesday, when she posted four photos of herself with Solange … three of them caption-free.

The Internet continues to search through social media to find some meaning behind the Jay Z/Solange elevator fight and Beyonce’s non-reaction to the whole thing. Perhaps this means the two are trying to kiss and make up?

Playboy Pictures of Lindsay Lohan leaked

Lindsay Lohan‘s much-discussed $1 million Playboy spread has now leaked online in its entirety

Photographed by Yu Tsai, the photos feature Lindsay emulating the classic Tom Kelly nude pictorial of Marilyn Monroe which was in the original issue of Playboy back in 1955

The photoshop skills on display are incredible. Not only is her silver ankle bracelet nowhere to be seen, but her freckles and tattoos seem to have disappeared as well Continue reading

APT ALBUM REVIEW: Drake’s “Take Care” (Leaked Version)

Some time between Saturday night and Sunday morning, the entirety of Drake’s Take Care, the followup to his breakout 2010 debut Thank Me Later, found its way onto the Internet.  We’re not surprised – what album isn’t leaked these days?

As news of the leak spread, Twitter exploded with talk about it, and while most artists get extremely pissed when their music gets out prior to the release date (and, of course, for free), Drake himself was pretty casual about it. “Listen, enjoy it, buy it if you like it…and take care until next time,” he tweeted late last night.  We took Drake’s advice, and listened to it….but we plan on buying it when it drops as well (had to put that disclaimer out there).

APT of No U Ain’t Radio listened to the album and left you all with a quick review.  Do you agree or not?  Pop the hood to hear what he has to say!

A.P.T. Album Review: Michael Jackson’s “MICHAEL” LP

Our boy APT has come with yet another album review.  Remember, if it’s good enough for APT, it’s good enough for us!  Pop the hood and find out what APT thinks about Michael Jackson’s leaked LP entitled “MICHAEL”: